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I am closing my business starting 8/5/2016. I am also selling all my tools, machinery, and everything in my shop. If you would like to buy all my contacts and business along with everything ... ask for a price for this ... email me ... Tom

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                     Serving the Southern Willamette Valley including Eugene - Springfield, Oregon  
     This picture framing website is designed to serve the population living near the Eugene - Springfield area in the South Willamette Valley region of Oregon. This includes the surrounding towns of Veneta, Junction City, Coburg, Pleasant Hill, Dexter, Oakridge, Creswell (where I reside),  and Cottage Grove, Oregon. In addition to discount custom picture framing I also offer " sky high picture framing."

my little shop in creswell
                                                               My little shop in Creswell   

 Have you ever bought a picture  and thought ... " I want to put that picture in the living room. It would look great framed." Next you go to Walmart and shop for frames and find you can't find a frame that looks good for the picture you bought. Or the mat that comes with the frame is the wrong color or the wrong size. Of course you will try other discount stores only to find disappointment. Your option comes down to two choices - learn how to mat and frame pictures or go to a framing shop. Since you don't have time to learn to mat and frame a picture you go to the nearest picture framing shop. This picture framers shop might be in an art gallery or a craft store in Eugene or Springfield. You take the print you bought for $10.00 and ask the framer what he charges for matting and framing the picture. When the framer tells you $250.00 for framing and matting you almost drop dead!  You only paid $10.00 for the picture! And this is one of the cheaper options!  You were thinking that you would take this $10.00 print to the frame shop, buy one of their frames for $45.00 and maybe pay $40.00 to have the framers mat and frame this piece of art. You were looking to spend around $85.00 for this project...Not $250.00 and more. If this is one of the reasons you are looking at this web site ... you came to the right place!
If you live around the Eugene - Springfield area in Oregon I want to work with you to help you get a picture mounted and framed within your budget. I want to make custom picture framing affordable for everyone. For the residents living in Creswell and Cottage Grove,  you will find my shop and art gallery in my neighborhood at 173 Bluejay Loop in Creswell, Oregon.  Phone 541-895-2708.
At Eugene Picture Framing all my work is guaranteed. If you are not happy with your finished product for any reason --- I will disassemble the framing and return your artwork unharmed. You will owe me nothing.

Update August 3, 2016

 I have to put in a word for Joe Quigley at Eugene Denture Clinic ... If you ever need dentures or denture work click on this link...